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WA COURT: Pay flat and piece rate employees for breaks

On Thursday, July 16, 2015, the Washington State Supreme Court issued its ruling in Demetrio v. Sakuma Brothers Farms, Inc. While the case involved agricultural workers the implications of the decision reach every employer is Washington that pays their employees on a flat rate or piece rate basis. That means, if you own a body shop, automotive repair shop or are a chiropractor that compensates employees on a piece or flat rate basis, your business is impacted by this decision. The Demetrio case involved a dispute about how piece rate agricultural workers should be paid for rest periods … CONTINUE READING


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Employment Handbook Mistake #5

Not Taking the Time to Review Your Employment Handbook on an Annual Basis Those of you that follow this Blog, know that when it comes to romance, I have no use for it in the workplace. (Don't send me an email about how you met your spouse at work. In my book you are the exception not the rule.) … [Read More...]

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Sexual Harassment: It has to stop.

My practice involves representing employees and management. I see how sexual harassment is perceived by the employer and the employee. This week I want to share some observations about the sexual harassment in the workplace. Before I start, a couple of disclaimers. First, I make reference to women … [Read More...]


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Common Handbook Mistakes #4

It is important for an employer to be clear about the nature and scope of the work relationship.  Relying on your workforce to read your mind only results in misunderstandings and hard feelings. … [Read More...]


Common Handbook Mistakes #3

Communication is a two way street. It is not just the message that you send it also involves how the recipient perceives the message. This is where some employers drop the ball.  The message sent by … [Read More...]


Common Handbook Mistakes #2

I know this next handbook mistake is going to make everyone think that I am related to the Grinch that stole Christmas. Other than a passing resemblance, that is not true. The Grinch is taller and … [Read More...]


Common Handbook Mistakes

This post will be the first in a series of posts on common mistakes that employers make when they prepare a handbook.  Contrary to popular belief, a handbook is not something that you whip together on … [Read More...]


Chronically Late Employees

We have all been late.  Sometimes it is the traffic, sometimes it is your inability to get the kids out to the school bus on time, and sometimes you are late for inexplicable reasons (you know the … [Read More...]