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Sexual Harassment, Privacy & Technology and Your Handbook

Handbook Mistake #5: Failing to Take into Account How Technology is Used and Perceived Could Lead to a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit As a young lawyer (yes, I know that was a LONG time ago), I remember having heated debates with the firm's partners about implementing new technology. Back in those days the new technology craze was the personal computer. No one had a clue about this thing called the Internet. At that time a phone was just a phone. A cellular phone was too expensive to own, the size of a loaf of bread, it did not take pictures, connect to the Internet, send email, or allow … CONTINUE READING


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Workplace Issues: Who needs a CSI when you have Uncle Ed

CSI is one of the most popular shows on television. It spawned a number of spinoffs: CSI:NY, CSI: Miami and, now, CSI Cyber. Regardless of the name or the cast, the theme is the same. Horrific crime that seems impossible to solve but for the ability of the members of the CSI team. The case is always … [Read More...]

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Purple Communications-Employers see Red

"Back in the Day, " as my daughter calls it, we wrote letters and sent them by "snail mail." That has changed. Email has replaced the letter as the preferred method of business communication it will probably remain that way unless the Postal Service can figure out how to deliver letters to my iPad … [Read More...]


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Common Handbook Mistakes #4

It is important for an employer to be clear about the nature and scope of the work relationship.  Relying on your workforce to read your mind only results in misunderstandings and hard feelings. … [Read More...]


Common Handbook Mistakes #3

Communication is a two way street. It is not just the message that you send it also involves how the recipient perceives the message. This is where some employers drop the ball.  The message sent by … [Read More...]


Common Handbook Mistakes #2

I know this next handbook mistake is going to make everyone think that I am related to the Grinch that stole Christmas. Other than a passing resemblance, that is not true. The Grinch is taller and … [Read More...]


Common Handbook Mistakes

This post will be the first in a series of posts on common mistakes that employers make when they prepare a handbook.  Contrary to popular belief, a handbook is not something that you whip together on … [Read More...]


Chronically Late Employees

We have all been late.  Sometimes it is the traffic, sometimes it is your inability to get the kids out to the school bus on time, and sometimes you are late for inexplicable reasons (you know the … [Read More...]

Wax On Wax Off

For those of you that remember the movie Karate Kid, this was the first lesson that Daniel was taught in his journey to become proficient at karate. Jennifer Finley had a much different encounter with … [Read More...]